Hello and welcome to my blog.

Hello all, and welcome to my blog. My name is Thomas Alexander Hus√ły; I am a PhD Candidate in Ancient History at Swansea University. I am researching regional ethnic identities in Ancient Greece, such as the Phocians, Boeotians, Arcadians, Aetolians, and Achaeans. I am particularly interested in the importance of even smaller sub-regional ethnic groups such as the Asopid, Phlegyan, Parrhasian, Azanian, Minyan identities. During my time here at Swansea I have been active within the Student Union as a Postgraduate Student Representative for the College of Arts and Humanities and I have aided in organising international academic events such as the UWICAH Postgraduate Conference in 2019 and Swansea Summer Seminar Series in Myth and Politics from Antiquity to Present Times. I have always wanted to pursue a PhD, even though when I was younger, I was intending to do my university studies in Astronomy or Astrophysics. But I reconsidered, and now I am pursuing my PhD in Ancient History instead,